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Industrial furnaces
Pit Type Furnace


    Bell type furnaces for black and bright annealing of low or medium carbon, high carbon & alloy steel and copper wires or strips in coils.


      Strand Annealing Furnaces

        Wire Patenting, Galvanizing (Conventional/High speed), Electro Galvanizing

          Stress Relieving furnace for P.C. Wire.

            Wire hardening and tempering furnace

              Pusher type furnace for heating billets, slabs, ingots, etc

                Bogie Hearth furnaces for annealing and normalizing of steel castings, stress relieving of welded frames and shells, etc.

                  Chamber type furnace.

                    Tilting Type Melting furnace.

                      Drying, baking, ageing ovens, etc.

                          • Conveyor type, Sealed Quench type.
                          • Salt bath, Cyclone muffle furnaces.
                          • Roller Hearth, Rotary Hearth, Walking beam furnaces.
                          • Continuous furnaces for Brazing and Sintering.
                          • Solution annealing furnace.
                          • Tinning baths for wires.
                          • Vacuum furnaces.
                          • Other Heat treatment furnaces.
                        Wire Enamelling Ovens
                        Vertical and Horizontal types

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